Sunday, February 19 was the first Sunday we worshiped together in our sanctuary under construction. As you can see from the picture below the temporary set-up is a bit different than what we are used. But, it works for the temporary.

Work continues on the project on this dreary Monday morning.

Also, reminder there are still some of the old tiles available if anyone would like them.

Financial Update: 

Sanctuary Remodel Offering 2-19-17: $350.00

Total Sanctuary Remodel Offering to-date: $73,457.55
*This is the actual amount received, not including pledges or stocks gifted. The amount printed last week included pledges. We are still right around 70% of our goal.

Please don’t let the construction keep you from worshiping with us on Sunday mornings. Although there may be a few small inconveniences each week, we are still blessed to be together as a church family continually GROWING, CONNECTING, and SERVING!

Have a great week!