Every Monday I begin the week thinking “this week is going to be a NORMAL week”. Usually by about Wednesday, almost every week, the Lord reminds me that my normal is never what he has planned.

There are quiet days here in the church office. But honestly there is a lot more traffic around here than one might realize.

Every Monday begins the week with Men’s Prayer Group at 6:00 a.m. This week there were three Ladies Bible studies that met throughout the week plus Ladies Guild, AWANA and GLOW. The sanctuary remodel committee was here several days checking the progress and continuing the detail work. The construction crews were also here every day. In addition, we always have random visitors and people stopping in for various needs or meetings, etc.

I might set out with my “normal” list of things to accomplish each week. But with all of these activities going on, I just never know what the Lord has in store for each new day. Regardless, each day I am thankful for this church family and the ministry we have going here.

Wednesday is typically the day that we start to feel the craziness of each week. This week at AWANA the kids got to play a fun new game and it reminded me that even though every day is unpredictable and I can’t always keep up or plan ahead. It’s okay to take a minute and just laugh and enjoy the moments. I did just that Wednesday night watching the kids play the live version of Hungry Hungry Hippos….check out the video below…hopefully it makes you smile too!

I better not end this post with out some sanctuary pictures. The progress is amazing. I love coming to work everyday and seeing what the crew is accomplishing. Here’s your weekly sneak peek behind the curtain…

The second picture is the cleared out cry room….which means….next week the crew plans to begin demolition on the back of the sanctuary. It’s coming along!

Have a great weekend!

Jen Troyna
Administrative Assistant & Kids Ministry Coordinator