So much has happened around the church this week. I think this might be the most transforming week yet! 

Hopefully you heard the news….we are getting chairs for the sanctuary! After 2 weeks of voting, the count is in and a majority of the members are in favor of chairs to replace the pews. The committee has decided on a chair and we will be moving forward with that decision. 

In other areas of progress we now have CARPET! This is especially great news after a “sticky” Sunday last week. In addition, the audio and visual equipment installation has begun. And finally, lighting is in progress. 

So much is happening every day. We continue to be grateful for the hard workers and financial blessings for this project. Please pray for the men and women working on the project, specifically the remodel committee. Many of them have spent countless hours here at the church (or at home working on projects), in addition to their personal lives and work schedules. They are all very passionate about this project, but also very ready for the finished product! Please pray for renewed strength as the project comes to fruition. 

Here’s your weekly sneak peek: