Here in the A-P area, July seems to be the month of vacations. Everyone is ready to get away from the daily grind and explore the country. Many families spend a week catching up with relatives in various traditional locations. Some take trips to places they’ve never gone before, checking things off the bucket list. Some just spend time at home, catching up on projects or enjoying days of no schedule. Regardless, there comes a time in the year where most everyone is just ready for a break. Summer sports are over and there is a little reprieve until the hustle and bustle of fall and school starts up again.
Sometimes, however we can let opportunities for rest or vacationing, actually cause us more stress. The packing, the planning, the details, the costs, the driving, and on and on (or maybe that’s just me). We can get so caught up in making sure we area all having a good time and making the most of the time away, that we actually forget to stop and rest.
I googled the definition of vacation and found this: “freedom or release from duty, business or activity” ( I love that definition with the word freedom. A vacation truly is an opportunity to just be free, let loose, savor the moments, enjoy life. And while you are away, don’t forget to pray! Find a morning or afternoon and sneak away with God. Grab a Bible, notebook and pen and take a little spiritual retreat. Ask God to help you rest if you are struggling to let go. Read scripture, pray, journal, take a walk, sing a song, just let yourself have a few moments alone with the Lord and experience freedom in that. Also, don’t allow yourself to think about the stressful stuff. When those thoughts flood your mind, open your Bible and read Philippians 4:6-9.

My prayer is that this month of vacations is truly an time where friends here at FCC and beyond revel in the freedom of rest. Don’t think about what’s coming ahead, there will be plenty of time to do that after vacation. Just enjoy it! Love on your families. Spend time in prayer and quiet time with God. Be in the moment.
Happy Summer!
Jen Troyna
Administrative Assistant & Kids Ministry Coordinator
Self-Appointed FCC Blogger