Small Group Study Resources

  • “Community” Andy Stanley  (Starting well in your small group).  Book and DVD.  (In this 8-session, video-based, small group Bible study, new small groups learn how to start well, how to grow together, and find that life is better connected).
  • “Leading Life-Changing Small Groups”  Bill Donahue – Book & Workbook – In Church Library.  (This handbook helps small group leaders learn how to lead a successful small group. Whether leading for the first time or for many years, this resource helps leaders develop skills to facilitate group discussion, and to encourage and support group members in a way that leads to authentic and lasting life change)
  • “Leading Small Groups With Purpose”  Steve Gladen – Book.  (For the new small group leader, the seasoned leader who feels their small group lacks purpose, or the leader who is working to move their small group to the next level, Leading Small Groups with Purpose is the road map to follow.  Steve Gladen takes small group leaders step-by-step toward a healthy, dynamic group with focus and purpose. Every chapter includes ideas that small group leaders can implement immediately as well as ways to shape their small groups over time)
  • “Making Small Groups Work”  Henry Cloud & John Townsend – Book.   (This book provides small-group leaders with everything they need to know to help their small group of any kind. It’s an operating system for small groups. You’ll get the most out of your group, no matter your topic, from divorce recovery to marriage enrichment, from grief recovery to spiritual formation—grow spiritually, emotionally, and relationally)
  • “9 Keys to Effective Small Group Leadership”  Carl F. George – Book.  (When the pastoral staff of a church set out to create ministry partnerships with lay leaders, they want their group leaders to know what is expected of them. Nine Keys clearly and simply describes the role that lay leaders must fulfill, if they are to be trusted by those who oversee them. and helpful to those in their care)
  • “Simple Small Groups”  Bill Search – Book.  (In Simple Small Groups, Search lays out the three C’s of small groups connecting, changing, and cultivating. This paradigm helps to simplify leading small groups in a way that is helpful, rewarding, and life changing. Unlike many other books geared toward small group leaders, Simple Small Groups does not require a church wide adoption of an intricately designed system of assimilation, making it useful to any small group leader looking for guidance)
  • “Walking the Small Group Tightrope”  Bill Donahue, Russ Robinson – Book.  (Six Ways to Improve Your Balance as a Group Leader Leading a successful small group is like walking a tightrope. You traverse a taut, exciting line, balancing the dynamic tensions characteristic of every group.  Your group is in for unprecedented connection and growth when you harness the interplay between • Truth and Life • Care and Discipleship • Friendship and Accountability • Kindness and Confrontation • Task and People • Openness and Intimacy Effective, life-giving small groups learn how to embrace both ends of each continuum.)